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Best Auto Detailing in LA

Best Auto Detailing in LA

I had a very important date with a very beautiful lady, but my car was filthy. I had to have my car washed and detailed now! The problem was: it was raining on the day of my date. I must’ve called six different carwashes in Los Angeles. All were closed, or did not answer because of the rain. I had to dig deeper, but I am so glad that I did because I found WeHo Auto Detail Inc.

Centrally located on Fairfax Boulevard, just south of Santa Monica on the east side of the street, WeHo Auto Detail is the best and most reasonable auto detailing business I have ever used. I drove my car down as soon as I spoke to Aram Manoyan, the owner, because he said they would need at least four hours to do the detailing. Aram was nice enough to personally drive me back to my home. Before he did, however, I took some of the pictures showing how very dirty my car was. I then came back early to show you what a great job he and his crew of three did to my vehicle.

My car was simply filthy and smelly when I took it in. You see, I purchased this car for my two dogs who have long since passed away. Despite their passing, the odor of my wonderful best friends still lingered in the car. Although my car is a Lexus SUV, I use it like a truck. It was full of junk, dog hair, and mud both inside and out. Aram knew that I was going to be using my car for a very important date, and even though it was raining, his conscience prevented him from just doing the inside detailing. He moved my car under a canvas tarp and thoroughly detailed, power-washed, and used Armor All on the tires. I ended up with a car full of wonderful smells and everything detailed to perfection. I highly recommend WeHo Auto Detail for anyone.

Not only was the job done professionally, but the attitude of all of the people working on the car was excellent, even in the rain!

By Lawrence Davis